Vacuuming Tips to Keep Your Carpets Fresh and Looking New

While it takes the machinery a professional carpet cleaner has to truly clean your carpets, here are a few tips for keeping your carpet fresh in between cleanings.

Slow down. If you move in slow, repetitive, overlapping strokes, you will be able to remove nearly 80 percent of the dirt and dust while making high-traffic patterns less noticeable.

Dust before you vacuum. Dusting the furniture, blinds, windowsills and ceiling fans will leave fallen dust particles for the vacuum to pick up.

Minimize the dirt from foot traffic. While it’s inevitable that some dirt will follow you in from outside, good mats at each entrance will help keep the dirt tracked into your carpet to a minimum. Newer entryway mats can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Stick to a schedule. Once a week vacuuming is sufficient for most homes. If you have pets who shed heavily, however, you may have to vacuum more than once a week to keep the pet hair picked up.

Choose the right attachment. Most vacuums come with a small upholstery brush that is good for furniture and mattresses. The round brush is good for dusting steps and windowsills.

Choose the right height. Your vacuum will pick up dust and dirt more efficiently if it is set to match the pile in your carpet.

Make multiple passes. In very lightly trafficked areas, a single pass might do, but any area that is used regularly, and particularly if you have pets that shed, multiple passes are necessary to get the carpet clean.

Spot-treat spills. Speed is a must for treating spills. Blot spills with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then treat with the All-Pro, environmentally-safe carpet cleaner.